Driversnote – The Automatic Mileage Tracking App

Driversnote is an automatic mileage tracking app that helps users track and classify mileage and create tax-compliant reports for their reimbursement or tax deductions in many countries around the world. Driversnote offers an Android and iOS mobile app and a fully functional web app for logging mileage and generating reports.

Driversnote strives to make working life even simpler by offering an iBeacon. Placed in the vehicle, the iBeacon detects when a user drives their car and records all trips automatically – no more forgetting to log trips!

GPS tracking over long distances will often involve areas with bad coverage, resulting in gaps in tracked trips. Driversnote has partnered with WTS Positioning to use Trax Matching to ensure the most accurate routes and maximise reimbursement for users. Trax Matching offers a unique feature that fills missing gaps in data for up to 5km and completes the route to ensure Driversnote users are never left out of pocket.

You can learn more about Driversnote or find their App on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Trax Matching’s proprietary map-matching algorithm provides corrections for inaccuracies in GPS data streams due to missing data or distortions in challenging urban environments with speed and accuracy. The service is accessible through a simple REST API and can be integrated into applications within minutes.

Read more about Trax Matching Features or demo your own data on our Developer Site.

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