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Trax Matching started in 2003 and was developed as part of an ETH Zurich route choice analysis project. GPS data could be seen in a Geographic Information System, but it wasn’t making any sense, so Trax Matching was born. 

Network topology was seen as the key to efficient route matching and once the solution was ready, it was tested as part of a speed study analysis in Zurich, comparing the map corrected routes against drivers with logbooks. Trax Matching passed with flying colours. 

Trax Matching has been continually developed over the years, and the snap to road solution enhanced. The map matching solution proudly boasts several firsts in the snap to roads sector, including the first solution to use network topology efficiently and the first to offer a public API. 

Trax Matching now serves customers from multiple sectors and countries, including Usage Based Insurance, Mileage Tracking Apps, Connected Family Platforms, Fleet Telematics and Out of Home Advertising

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