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Why Trax Matching?

GPS data can often be inaccurate or sparse, and if your business relies on the accurate location of vehicles, that’s an issue! And the problem is magnified when travelling in urban areas, where the precise position of vehicles is often most critical.

Trax Matching fixes missing or inaccurate GPS data with its proprietary algorithms and snap to roads API. Our map matching solution snaps GPS traces to the correct path on an OpenStreetMap and does so with speed and accuracy. 

Image of an open street map showing inaccurate GPS data points and map correction

Trax Matching Covers the Global Road Network

Map Matching Features


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Cost Effective and Versatile

Trax Matching is a versatile map matching service used by companies in multiple sectors, including:

Out of Home Advertising

Road segment identification and accurate time positioning required for building state of the art outdoor impression metrics. Read about the Mobilads case study here

Mobility as a Service MaaS

Perfect path rendering for end-user applications as well as detailed traffic analysis per road segment to analytic backends.

Car Rental

Trax Matching continuously delivers toll road traffic to forecast budgets.

Usage Based Insurance UBI

Detailed road segment identification for overspeeding analysis as well as perfect path rendering for customer-facing applications.

Ride Hailing Platforms

Accurate car location for efficient driver dispatch and ETA predictions. Supports smooth pickup and dropoff info.

Environment & Land Use GIS

Road segment identification for accurate mapping of noise and emissions based on vehicle speed and location.

Automatic Mileage Tracking

Accurate route identification and intuitive history visualisation with perfect path rendering are critical to ensure customers do not miss out on mileage claims. Read about the Driversnote case study here

Fleet Telematics

GPS points snapped accurately to the path show the correct route taken and provide the relevant info for electronic tolling, routing efficiency, risk analytics and driver behaviour, including speeding detection, illegal driving manoeuvres and rest time violations. Read about the SmartReport case study here

Market Research

The exact vehicle position and route taken of target groups is required to support fine-grained market research studies.

Family Location Platforms

Correct road segment identification essential for overspeeding analysis and trip logging. Accurate positioning is also important for Location History features. Read about the Geozilla case study here.

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